What are the health benefits of becoming a vegan?

What are the health benefits of becoming a vegan?

Hello everyone! icon smile What are the health benefits of becoming a vegan?

I've been a vegetarian for years now and I kind of want to become a vegan. I've been wanting to be one for ages but I just didn't think I could live without ice cream and such, but I recently tried vegan ice cream and it was pretty good, so I think I'd be able to do it.

However before I actually DO become a vegan I want to know some stuff about vegan lifestyle.

I have a few questions as well as "what are the health benefits of becoming a vegan?" so if you could answer them as well that'd be great.

1) Do vegans need to take supplements of any sort?

2) Can I become a vegan 'just like that', or do I need to ease myself into over the course of a few days/weeks or whatever?

And if there are any little tips you wanna share with me that would be helpful.

Thanks so much and have a nice day everybody x


Daisy Answered:

The only reason for being "vegan" is compassion for animals. There are no health benefits to not wearing leather, for example. Or in wearing plastic shoes. In fact, there are several former vegans who blog about how sick they got following the vegan diet. Here's one:


Yes, vegans need to take supplements. VEGAN registered dietitian Jack Norris says vegans should supplement for B12 and that vegans and vegetarians should consider also supplementing for iodine, vitamin D (D(3) is much better absorbed and used by your body than D(2), but it's not vegan), calcium, zinc, B2, B6 and take a daily DHA supplement. Here's his site: http://www.veganhealth.org/

Ginny Messina, theveganRD, also recommends a list of supplements vegans need to consume to stay healthy. She says "There is, of course, a pretty good argument for eating more plants (lots more plants) and less animal food, but no one has shown that you must eat a 100 percent plant diet in order to be healthy. So to make an argument for a 100% vegan diet based on health benefits alone, we have no choice but to stretch the truth. We have to overstate the benefits of vegan diets, and sometimes minimize or dismiss the risks. And as soon as we stray from the actual facts, our advocacy is on shaky ground."


Lastly, don't build your new diet around soy. It's probably the best vegetarian source of protein, but it's also been tied to early fertility in girls, low sperm count in men and thyroid disease. Health agencies in several other countries have issued warnings about soy consumption. But the soy lobby is very influencial and so far the US government has not admitted too much soy can be a problem.


BTW, Ginny Messina is married to Mark Messina, a major soy spokesman. They're 7th Day Adventist, of course.


Robert Allen LaVey Reynolds Answered:

More energy, better skin, increased longevity, a sense of purpose that You

might be serving a higher goal of some sort You name it….I recommend

Morning Star meals and wheat based pasta…chances are after a while You

might branch out and stop subsisting on fake meat….just make sure that

when You go Vegan that certain well-meaning people won't try to get You

to eat something that is Vegetarian which has ingredients which are

unsuitable for those of Your persuasion…I was sXe Vegan for a while and

it was great…these days though…well…it's pretty different and everything

is microwaved and comes in a wrapped package which is pretty much the

worst way to eat…but at least it's convenient….

Have a great day,


Lindsay B Answered:

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LOVEpink Answered:

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lindsay Answered:

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