Archive for November, 2011Grab Separate legs

Archive for November, 2011Grab Separate legs

Archive for November, 2011

Grab Separate legs and toes or elsewhere on the leg where possible will keep the knees straight. Inhale and exhale down the center to the left leg, inhale and exhale to the center to the right leg. Move from the hips to stop opening the pelvis. Avoid bending and arching the upper back. Keep the [...]

With legs straight out in front, carrying the left thigh, right foot, bending your left leg slowly over to fuck the foot or ankle (or anything else that you are comfortable), keeping the knee straight into the ground. Take a deep breath and prolonged. Repeat the exercise for two minutes on each side.

Lie on your back and relax for a moment. Then bend your knees and bring your heels toward your buttocks, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Grab your ankles and suet and doted them, slowly raise the hips arching the lower spine and lifting the navel towards the sky. As you lift your hips, [...]

Sit with your legs straight and lean on your elbows, arching your sternum and carrying the weight on top of your head and hips. Hold the toes of the feet with the opposite hands and breathe deeply and hold for two minutes.

Lie on your back on the floor making sure your neck is protected by a smooth surface. First, do the pose of the sail. To do this lift your legs and torso above his head resting his hands on waist and extending the legs and hips straight. Practice this exercise for two minutes long, deep [...]

With these simple yoga exercises and stretching accompanied by soft music, get them to relax with your baby. The moon This exercise is to open the entire side area of the body, to create space between the ribs easier to breathe and improves alignment of the spine. Hold the position and repeat switching sides.

Put on your hands and knees, knees aligned with your shoulders and parallel to the ground. Inhale as you flex your spine down and raise your head. Exhale as you arch the spine with the head down. Keep your arms straight. Continue rhythmically with powerful breathing, increasing the speed gradually as your spine becomes more [...]

Proper diet is one of the fundamental aspects of yoga practice. Everything that comes directly from the earth, sun, air and water is more nutritious and healthier than what comes indirectly from it. For this reason, he recommends eating a varied, simple, rich and fresh, preferring organic foods, no added harmful chemicals.

Most people do not breathe properly and we do it superficially. One way to learn to breathe properly is a count of four slowly and feels the breath expands our rib cage with the ultimate goal to fill your chest with air. At the end of count to four, we breathe a little more and [...]

Sitting or lying on the ground first abdominal cavity fill breathing air all the way down then the air pressure in a conscious way to send it to the lower areas. When our lungs are filled with air, will keep for a moment and press the shoulders back, chest forward expanding in order to feel [...]