I Fat or Thin?

I Fat or Thin?

Fat or thin a person is often assessed based only on perceptions and not of accurate calculation. So no one would have thought, see the following article and decide whether you are fat or thin.

Determining fat or thin can not only see the outer look just like a mirror. There is a separate calculation to determine the body including fat or thin. However, in principle, all people would want her figure approaching normal weight so it is said to be ideal.

Factors that Affect Weight Loss
When found the body look too fat or too thin, the first thought was fat. Indeed, the majority of the body is composed of fat and muscle. The two things that determine body weight. However, weight is not just only about the fat alone. Body weight influenced factors below.
- Genetic Factors
The human body is genetically categorized into three types, namely endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.
* Type Endomorph
Endomorph type is characterized by levels of fat in the body is high. Endomorph body’s metabolism is also slower than other body types. Therefore, this body type is usually quite difficult to lose weight.
* Type Ectomorph
Ectomorph body type is characterized by thin and straight to the fat content in the body is low. This type has a very fast metabolism so it is usually more difficult to gain weight.
* Type Mesomorph
Mesomorph type can control the weight better than the other two types, because it has a fast metabolism. This makes it easier to maintain a normal body weight and ideal body shape.

- Factor Diet, Physical Activity or Sport and the Environment
Some of these factors greatly affect the level of fat point, ie the point of standards, the extent to which the body is able to maintain the amount of fat stored in the body. Fat level this point is different for each person because his system is not exactly the same.
For example, there are people who only 10 percent fat content, can not be fat and very hard to gain weight. There are also people who look fat with a fat content of about 30 percent or even more. Figures 10 percent or 30 percent indicates that the level of fat points.
However, the point can be altered fat levels. Way is by exercising regularly and changing your diet every day to optimize the body’s metabolism.
- Unbalanced Hormones
Unbalanced hormones due to age or aging. After passing the age of 30 years a decline in hormones, particularly growth hormone and testosterone. In certain cases there is a decrease in female hormone progesterone. Progesterone down means less fat burning. Due to the aging process as well, when fat increases the more estrogen hormone in the body.Though hormone estrogen binding function more fat.
- Metabolism-Current
Metabolism is not smooth due to aging and lack of exercise,
- Pregnancy and Childbirth
After pregnancy and childbirth, many women have a pile of fat and sagging of the stomach and abdominal muscles were weakened. So the stomach looks bloated and sagging skin.

Big boned Hard Skinny?
Often people complain can not look skinny or ideal body owned due to bones tend to be large. Body weight and body shape is highly dependent on the size skeleton or bone and body composition were determined muscle and fat.
A person with a large frame will usually have a lot more weight. But that does not mean people with a large body frame is difficult to thin. Because fat or lean more influenced by fat and muscle in our body.

Ideal Body Weight vs. Normal Weight
Generally, the ideal body shape is said to be a body shape that is not too fat and not too thin. Ideal body weight is often equated with normal weight. In fact, both of these are different issues.
In general, weight loss is considered normal if it is still in the normal range of the Body Mass Index (BMI). Being a healthy weight, do not exist because the ideal body assessed by ourselves

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